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God?s Way to an A

Champion Golfer Now Trains Champion Students 

     Virginia Beach, VA: Veronica Karaman, a professional golfer from Virginia, now tours the academic circuit helping students from all over the world conquer their fear of exams, their hatred of papers, and their frustrations with their studies.

     For the past fifteen years, Karaman has taught a unique seven-week training course called God?s Way to an A that has helped thousands of university and high school students excel academically by approaching their studies from a biblical basis.

     ?My mission is to train champion students by teaching them how to integrate faith and learning,? Karaman explained.  ?To a large extent, God has been taken out of education.  I believe that God?s Way to an A is a powerful tool to bring him back.?

     Regent University, a Christian graduate school in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has offered God?s Way to an A over twenty times.  ?This course has transformed the lives of our students by helping them realize that learning is a partnership with God,? said Paul Cerjan, president of Regent. ?Due to numerous student testimonies, we are now considering making God?s Way to an A a formal part of our student career services program.?

     Kimberly Smith thinks the course should be required for all grade levels.  ?I went from being very close to academic probation at graduate school to graduating Summa Cum Laude!? Smith explained.  ?I was even honored as the ?Most Outstanding Graduate!??

     Veronica, a top collegiate golfer and honors graduate from Duke University, developed the course a result of her own academic struggle.  ?I got straight A?s and appeared to have it all together,? she said, ?but on the inside I felt empty.  I was tired of always striving to be the best.  I knew God promised me an abundant and full life but there was a huge gap between was he promised me and what I was experiencing.?

     Wondering if God had another way for her to go about her studies, Veronica sought the Lord through prayer and fasting.  He led her to understand that Gods Way to an A was not a method or set of rules but a relationship with an all-knowing and all-loving Heavenly Father who wanted to be her Teacher and personal Academic Advisor.  ?He gave me more joy in my studies than I ever imagined,? Karaman said.  ?Instead of making A?s, I made 100?s. God brought truly amazing fulfillment, achievement and direction to my studies.?

     A research paper on how to incorporate God into the details of the study process developed into Veronica?s master?s thesis and is now an eight-tape audio series with music, a video, and an accompanying 200-page study manual. 

     God?s Way to an A is a seven-week course during which students are encouraged to set aside some time each day for five days a week to listen to the audio tapes and read each section in their study manual.  The course can be used as devotional material or in a group setting for discussion and interaction. Veronica offers God?s Way to an A seminars and spiritual emphasis talks at Christian high schools, colleges, and youth groups. 

     In a recent e-mail to Veronica, Felicia Craig, a university student from Austin, Texas, thanked God for letting her see his truth through God?s Way to an A.  ?I have no words to express what God Almighty has done in my life.  Revelation of God in my studies is everything you said it was and more,? wrote Craig, who made a 4.0 for the first time in her life.  ?I have supernatural drive and motivation.?

     Dr. Rodman Williams, a renowned Christian theologian, was one of Veronica?s professors at Regent University, from which she received two master?s degrees ? one in biblical studies and the other in communication ? both with a 4.0 GPA.  ?Veronica is truly a blessing to all,? said Dr. Williams.  ?With her buoyant spirit and practical orientation, I recommend without reservation her well-tested student program, God?s Way to an A.  Veronica is a living example of what she teaches.?

     Veronica Karaman?s vision for God?s Way to an A is for it to become a foundational course in every Christian school in America.  ?God wants us to experience a relational aspect of learning and that?s what I want to help students recapture ? that joy of learning,? she said.  ?I dream of seeing millions of students from around the world take this course via the Internet and learn how to worship God in their studies.? 

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