A Quiet Clap
A golf inspiration book. You will learn how to enjoy God's love in your golf as your read this series of 18 devotions. Each devotion has golf lessons, life lessons, and scriptural truths to inspire your game both on and off the course.

A Quiet Clap -- $12.00 + $5.00 S/H

"In a society where athletics is many times served as a God, a clarity of purpose is revealed in the words of this devotional as to who God is and how athletics call be used to serve Him"
Madeline Manning Mims, 4 Time Olympian Track Gold & Silver Medalist

"You will be truly inspired as you read this book which captures the strength, knowledge and beauty of Veronica's dedication to the game of golf and her profound love for God!"Terri A. Haack, Vice President & General Manager, Kingsmill Resort

"The perspective I gained from this book helped me have peace in the course to win $50,000 in the Gillette Putting Championship."
Al F.

"I prayed for my friend for ten years to receive Christ. I sent her a copy of A Quiet Clap. An avid golfer, she loved the book. A few weeks after telling me how much she enjoyed it, reading it several times, she died. Her response to this book is the only evidence I have that she make peace with God."
Ann W.

"My fiancÚ and I read the book every day as our devotional. We really like it!"
Leslie M.